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Interviews and panel discussions

  • Navigating inclusive narratives: Language evolution in Market Research | podcast interview with Illiya Hull for Research World at ESOMAR Congress 2023 in Amsterdam

  • Dekolonisatie van Beeldtaal | panel discussion at the 2023 Week Tegen Racisme, Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam 

  • Opening our ears about children and racial imagery: a parent and teacher in conversation | interview for the 2020 ERIF Darkmatter Journal special issue  with Kahya Engler, Darren Chetty & Noémi Michel

  • Blackface in Europe and White Innocence (Wekker, 2016) | 2020 podcast interview for Surviving Society 

  • Stand Up to Racism in Europe | 2020 roundtable discussion hosted by Volt Europa 

  • What Does #BlackLivesMatter Means [sic] in Europe? | 2020 roundtable discussion hosted by the European Network Against Racism

  • Practices of Belonging/Resisting Erasure | panel discussion at the 2017 for the Republik Repair - Reparatory Imaginings from Black Berlin festival at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse

  • The Misery of Minstrelsy ? panel discussion at the 2010 SoapBox at No Limit event in Amsterdam 

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